Doctors get online patient appointment and digital prescription system with access to their patient's present & past health history.
When you register in the MEDICOSA platform as Doctor, you are enabled to create a profile for public interaction and one-to-one interaction with other doctors, your patients, diagnostic labs and pharmacies.
MEDICOSA also enables you to set-up your on-line practice locations in the global healthcare ecosystem with your distinct appointment timings in various practice locations.
Yes! MEDICOSA facilitates you to create multiple locations with distinct appointment timings in each practice location.
Yes! You can enable your designated assistant to operate your appointments. You can also assign separate assistant for each location. Assistants will have access to appointment books restricted to practice locations.
Yes! You can access present & past health history of your patients either through "Appointment" or "My Patients" page.
Yes! Patients can request appointments on-line, which can be confirmed by you or your assistant.
The information will be sent to you through email notifications in the both MEDICOSA message inbox and email account specified by you!
Yes! You can print prescription in digital format and handout to your patients.
Yes! You can create predefined prescription templates to manage your patient visit efficiently.
While writing prescriptions, you can choose preferred Pharmacy, Lab, and Diagnostic Center for prescribed medicines, investigations, and Diagnostics respectively. MEDICOSA will ensure the patient information reaches them before your patients do.
Yes! You can manage your patients within & beyond geography, that is, your coverage area and view test reports online.
Yes! You can derive reports of your patient visit in various criteria.
Yes! You can share your queries, ideas, concerns and messages to Individuals and groups you choose to communicate with.
Yes! You can message your patient through "Communication Board" by choosing specific from "Individuals" or write message separately under Message.
Yes! Your patients can write testimonials for your service and your colleagues, college mates can write recommendations against your professional attitude. You have the option to choose which one to show in your profile through "Manage Testimony" and "Manage Recommendations".
Yes! You can invite your colleagues, college mates to this platform.
Yes! You can publish your researches or unique cases in publication and expose to global medical fraternity.
MEDICOSA is a multi-utility application. It provides services much beyond simple medical records in electronic form. It is a healthcare ecosystem platform, which enables multi-dimensional collaboration between Patients, Doctors, Labs, Pharmacies, and Diagnostic Centers.
Internet connection and internet enabled gadget like personal computer, laptop, internet-enabled mobile, tablet, etc.
Yes! You can access this application on any Internet enabled gadget ie: PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile.
MEDICOSA is designed around the natural workflow of healthcare function and focused to solve healthcare problems through a powerful, flexible and yet easy-to-use health information system targeting point-of-care, and clinical decision support. You can always share your feedbacks to help us in aligning system with your practice.
Patients get a health record management system to centralize medical history and share with desired Physician online. provides patients a health record management system to centralize medical history and share with desired Doctor online. It also offers platform to access medical experts and search desired blood groups & donors. MEDICOSA facilitates the following:

  1. Provide a personal health care assistance, Who will care all your medical problems.
  2. Patients to store all medical records electronically for self and for the family members.
  3. Patients can invite family and relatives to network the kin.
  4. Patients can search, interact and book appointments with Doctors.
  5. Customers can search for Labs, Diagnostic centers, and chemists/pharmacies in the vicinity and order service online.
  6. Patients can search donors for required Blood groups.
At the outset, you can register as 'Patient' to get a personal health care assistance ONLY @299 Rs. You can also create health accounts for your family members and each account is allotted a unique 9 character MRN (Medical Record Number). This number will be used as reference in all interactions with any physician using MEDICOSA for practice management.
Yes! After you create medical accounts for your family members through your account, you can operate on their behalf until you handover account to account holder or other common member within your connection.
You should know basic internet operations to manage your medical records.
Your account is your PHR as well as EMR. When you add your past medical history context to your past physician visits for any health complaint that makes it PHR (Personal Health Record) and whenever you visit Doctors, Labs, Pharmacies, and Diagnostic Centers, those using MEDICOSA platform for their respective practice management; your medical records automatically reflects into your account and makes it EMR (Electronic Medical Record).
Yes! MEDICOSA provides you the ability to upload scanned prescription documents into your account against any physician's visit. It also allows you to upload DICOM Images such as X-Rays, CT-Scans and MRIs into diagnostic procedure directly from your PC.
MEDICOSA's primary concern is the security and confidentiality of consumer information. That's why the Company employs state-of-the-art security and 7 layered encryption technology to protect consumer data.Some of the security features of MEDICOSA website are outlined below:

  1. Each account is secured by a unique combination of User ID and password.

  2. In addition to passwords and data encryption, data access is protected through multiple levels of network security to prevent unauthorized access and to help protect the privacy and integrity of consumer data.

  3. Your health account can't be viewed by anyone including our employees. However, your physician can access your past health history once you provide your consent.

  4. Data stored in database can't be deciphered by human eye until it passes through state-of-the-art technology interface provided by MEDICOSA to authorized user.
Yes! You can print your medical records in various formats; overall medical records, complaint view, particular visit view, physician prescription, particular report or even save them to your PC local drive.
Yes! But only to your doctors and can revoke their access anytime. You do not need to share your login credentials with anyone. In no time your information will be accessible to other Patient until you share your login credentials (Sharing login credentials is not recommended).
You can delete your health records only at the time of adding them, within 30 minutes of entry. However, medical records received from physician's office can't be tailored.
No! Only Registratoin charge is paid for one year.
Family genealogy connection helps Patients to connect family members and relatives to respective clan and create a family tree, so advancement in medical science can be leveraged in future. This attribute will enable your physician to check if any ailment, genetic disorder or complexity, allergens, etc are running in the family and accordingly advice precautions or medications to arrest degeneration or gene-mutation.
Yes! You can share your ideas and messages to Individuals and Groups you choose to communicate.
Yes! You can access this application on any Internet enabled gadget i.e: PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile.
Yes! MEDICOSA provides you the ability to book appointment with desired Doctor on-line. You can also schedule re-visit in case you have made prior visit to Doctor for particular health complaint.
Yes! MEDICOSA provides you the ability to order investigations on-line to the desired labs or diagnostic centers. You can also search Pharmacies in your vicinity and order medicines on-line.
MRN (Medical Record Number) is unique identification of MEDICOSA Patient allotted to each account. This number can be used as reference whenever you visit to any healthcare establishment for illness.
Select "Forget Password" link in the home page.
Labs, Pharmacies, and Diagnostic centers get online referral system to channelize referred patients from referring physicians.
When you register in the MEDICOSA platform as Retail Healthcare establishment (Lab, Diagnostic Center and Pharmacy), you are enabled to communicate with referring doctors on referred patients.MEDICOSA facilitates the following:

  1. An on-line referral interface to receive recommended patients for service from referring Doctors and service orders directly from Patients.
  2. Your service reach and establishments visibility to Patients in the vicinity.
  3. On-line branding and promotion.
  4. Listing in the preferred establishments of referring Doctors.
Email to or call 9818-044-393.
Yes! You can change through "Settings" in the home page.
Yes! You pull reports based on various criteria ie: Referring Doctors, Date Range etc.